SEQUELLO-News: Tower of Babel 2.0


Tower of Babel 2.0


Probably the oldest tale about the turmoil of a construction project triggered by a language/communication barrier is that of the Tower of Babel. The story might be old but is still relevant today. People with different roots and mother tongues still work together in the construction industry.


Scheibtruhe, Krampen, Kinettn

Scheibtruhe, Krampen and Kinettn are examples for words that are almost only know in Austria. These and other words could that are only used in a certain area can of course cause communication errors. There are also different terms for standards and norms. The concrete type C25/30 B7 GK22 F45 in Austria is often called C25/30 XC4/XW2/XD3/XF4/XA1L GK22 F3 in Germany. And even construction companies and suppliers in one country use different material designations. It stands to reason that this can become a #languagebarrier.

Preventing Babel 2.0

Isolated solutions currently still cause problems in digital communication – a Babel 2.0. Each solution uses its own designations and different structures. These are not good prerequisites for smooth data exchange with other systems and partners.

To prevent a Babel 2.0, it is essential to create common standards and ensure a simple flow of data and communication. Simple connection options and integration into the existing system and software landscape are further factors so that the possibilities of digitalisation can be fully exploited. This is also the goal of SEQUELLO, as a solution from the industry for the industry.


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