AUG. PRIEN x SEQUELLO - Knowledge transfer concrete process


The digital concrete process at AUG. PRIEN
– knowledge transfer with SEQUELLO


Vienna, 18th April 2024 – A selected group of representatives from the construction industry gathered at SEQUELLO’s Input Conference in Vienna to take part in expert talks and workshops dedicated to the latest developments in digitalization. Arne Borck, head of the department “Work Preparation and Concrete Technology” at AUG. PRIEN in Hamburg, shared his experiences with the digital concrete process in his company and the collaboration with SEQUELLO.

In the video excerpt*, you can learn from him what added value he expects from it in the future.

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If we were to collaborate with SEQUELLO, we would have the following advantage: We would negotiate the bill of materials at the start of the project just as before, but then input the data into SEQUELLO. This would eliminate any disruption during the ordering process.

The order would be triggered through the Field App, making phone, email, and other apps obsolete. The operatives would have a single product to work with. Feedback from suppliers, whether there are delays or the need for early delivery, would come directly to the app.

This means you have one tool to work with. During delivery, the data would be available upon acceptance, allowing immediate start of the documentation process. You could write the concrete diary, input the fresh concrete control data, assign sample numbers, and start the entire documentation process on the day of concrete pouring.

For invoicing, the order data would be available, thereby facilitating the invoice verification process.

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