Wacker Neuson now officially a SEQUELLO core partner.

Wacker Neuson now
officially a SEQUELLO core partner.

Michael Pum becomes third managing director.


It’s official: Wacker Neuson’s stake in construction logistics platform SEQUELLO has been approved by the EU Commission. As a result, Michael Pum has become SEQUELLO’s third Managing Director. In this role, he is responsible for product development. In this interview, we learn about his perspective on the digitization of the industry and what goals he has set for himself with SEQUELLO.


Question: Michael, you are moving into the SEQUELLO management team with Wacker Neuson’s investment. What tasks will you be taking on in this new role, and what experience from previous positions is particularly relevant?

Answer: In the new role, I will primarily focus on managing product development. Our platform solution is very complex and results from the interaction of our team with external partners. The degree of complexity is correspondingly high. I will therefore focus on maintaining an overview of the development and managing priorities. The users are at the center of this. We want to generate maximum benefit for them. At Wacker Neuson, I was already able to coordinate the development of several software products. I now bring this wealth of experience to SEQUELLO.


Q: What aspects of your new job do you find particularly exciting?

A: SEQUELLO’s vision of digitizing construction logistics processes is very exciting in itself. Concrete, gravel, sand and crushed stone are just the beginning. I find it particularly fascinating to think about which goods, as well as services, could be handled via the platform in the future. The multitude of possibilities that come with developing the solution makes the task, in sum, very appealing.


Q: Where do you see the biggest challenges?

A: The construction industry is still very much used to paper and phones. These “tools” do have the advantage of offering more flexibility and individualization in some cases, but for profound digitization, it is necessary to standardize processes and adapt ways of working. That’s why, in addition to solutions that target the needs of customers, the necessary modicum of willingness to change is also required. With SEQUELLO, we want to create enough added value for the user so that this will arise from their initiative – and not simply from above as a requirement.


Q: What motivated Wacker Neuson to decide to participate in SEQUELLO?

A: Wacker Neuson is always looking to provide its customers with products or services that enable them to work more efficiently. SEQUELLO fits perfectly into the portfolio here. In addition to the customer benefits, the approach of developing a solution from within the industry was also convincing. We are convinced that innovation and success in the environment of digitalization are possible primarily through strong collaborations. This ensures fast development cycles, and products that are geared to the needs of the market are developed.


Q: What added value can SEQUELLO users expect from the collaboration with Wacker Neuson?

A: In the medium term, Wacker Neuson will bring the perspective of a construction equipment rental company. This expertise will help SEQUELLO deliver an industry-appropriate solution for rental equipment procurement. In the long term, the role of manufacturers will become much more relevant when it comes to the direct integration of construction machinery into construction logistics processes. The topic of IoT will certainly play a significant role here, and it is therefore valuable that a manufacturer is already at the table here.


Q: What do you personally expect from your move to SEQUELLO?

A: From my point of view, it is a unique opportunity to be able to “build a product on the green field” and also to be able to count on strong backing and know-how from industry giants. The complexity of this huge industry, combined with the existing digitalization potential, excites me a lot. For me, it’s a stage in my life that I’m looking forward to!


Q: Thank you very much for the exciting interview. We are delighted that you are now on board and wish you a good start and much success.

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