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One to connect them all!

SEQUELLO handles the master data mapping and the connection of construction companies to the platform. This way, suppliers save enormous efforts, which would have been necessary to ensure individual data exchange with their customers.

The foreman can initiate the order directly on the construction site via the SEQUELLO Field App. From then on, the customer and supplier work together on the data record. There is a central truth from the delivery bill instead of multiple carbon copies. Both sides benefit from the digital procurement process.


Reduction of
manual efforts

In future, orders placed by phone no longer have to be entered manually but are entered directly into the system as a scheduling proposal thanks to SEQUELLO.


#works with known MRP systems

We work closely with established MRP systems. Orders in SEQUELLO are transferred directly to the suppliers’ systems and can thus be easily transferred digitally to production planning. Let’s get in touch to connect your system to SEQUELLO.

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Accelerated cash-In


With SEQUELLO, the supplier and the construction company communicate live at the delivery receipt level. If delivery is faulted by the foreman, this also appears immediately with the supplier. Agreements can be made faster and time-consuming corrections become redundant. Thus, the cash-in takes place quicker.

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Confidentiality for both customer and supplier!

SEQUELLO does not look into your data! Because we stand for confidentiality between customers and suppliers. Our platforms’ core comes from SAP, the leading software provider and cloud company.

For more information and certifications concerning data protection, please visit  SAP’s Trust Center.



Handle the following materials digitally and securely with SEQUELLO:



At the center of SEQUELLO is the material with the greatest complexity: concrete.



Gravel is used on construction sites in many different forms. Now handle the logistics processes digitally and securely with SEQUELLO.



In the right place and at the right time: The entire process from contract to invoice is straightforward and digital with SEQUELLO.

Crushed Stone

Crushed Stone

Let SEQUELLO pave the way. It has never been easier, the entire logistics process for crushed stone in one digital solution.

Coming soon to SEQUELLO



User groups


Advantages for


Industry know-how included

SEQUELLO was developed for the construction industry together with partners from the construction industry. We know our way around the processes involved in construction procurement, which shows through in our software.

Protection of sensitive data

Your admin controls who can see the data within the company. SEQUELLO has no access to your contracts, delivery receipts or invoices at any time.

Connections & master data mapping

Paper delivery receipts are "out", PDF's too. In order to meet the needs of construction companies, electronic data exchange is required, which involves the creation of countless interfaces and master data mapping. With SEQUELLO, the effort is reduced to a single connection.