Partnerships drive SEQUELLO

SEQUELLO is built on partnerships

The SEQUELLO construction logistics platform has emerged from a joint venture initiative of PORR, Umdasch Group Ventures and Wacker Neuson. The collaborative approach and the open exchange of experiences guarantees an innovative and hands-on solution.

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We develop or solution with the industry know-how of our partners and are happy to find more potential partnerships who will use and benefit from our solution.

Construction logistics offers one of the biggest levers for productivity in the construction process. Optimal process management and sophisticated logistics form the foundation for high capacity. However, standardized, digital logistics solutions have hardly been established in the construction industry until now.

Classic Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or e-procurement solutions cannot fully reflect the complex industry requirements and encounter their limits.

Together with our partners, we were looking for a solution that could map the process from contracting, over-ordering, to delivery receipt processing, to invoicing in a single digital platform. And we wanted to make it accessible to the entirety of the construction industry.

With SEQUELLO, that is exactly what we have succeeded in doing. Both practicality and data security were ensured during testing under real conditions.

The development to date has only been possible through the cooperation of competent partners. To be able to represent additional areas of the construction industry, we are happy for further companies to share their know-how with us and benefit from a cooperation with SEQUELLO as partners.