News: Lisa explains the fresh concrete quality control


The digital fresh
concrete quality control

In this video, Lisa introduces you to our new digital fresh concrete test, which is an essential part of our quality management functions.

What is digital fresh concrete quality control?
Digital fresh concrete testing saves an enormous amount of time: test data only needs to be entered, much of the data is taken directly from the delivery bill and the results are calculated automatically. This eliminates around 80 % of manual data entry. All authorized persons can view the digital fresh concrete inspection — whether on a cell phone, tablet or desktop. The fresh concrete inspection is a further step towards completing our concreting diary, which is currently still under development and will soon be available.


Hi, I’m Lisa, and I’m responsible for the Field App.

We have addressed the topic of quality management and developed our first part, the digital fresh concrete testing.

The biggest advantage of digital fresh concrete testing is the time savings. You only need to enter the test data. One part, which you see here above, is transferred from the delivery note, and another part is automatically calculated, namely the results. This saves around 80% of the manual data entry.

The digital fresh concrete testing can be viewed by anyone who is authorized. And it doesn’t matter whether on a phone, a tablet, or a desktop.

The fresh concrete testing is just another part to complete our concreting diary.

The concreting diary is currently in development with us and will be available soon.

You can view the quality inspection in detail on our homepage by clicking on our interactive tour.

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