A glance at the SEQUELLO development roadmap


A glance at the
SEQUELLO development roadmap

Vienna, 18 April 2024 — A select group of representatives from the construction industry gathered at SEQUELLO’s Input Conference in Vienna to take part in presentations and workshops dedicated to the latest developments in digitalization. Zdravko Vassilev, who drives the content development of our solution in Lead Product Management, presented the outlook on the development roadmap for 2024 on site.

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Fundamentally, these are the primary field app extensions for handling. In parallel, we also want to proceed with the integrations so that we can say: concrete, asphalt, gravel, crushed stone, haulers, orders, and delivery notes are already covered. They are also in use operationally on construction sites. However, the colleagues actually want more. Ideally, you have all the necessary delivery notes for the shell construction at hand in one tool and can work with them there. In this respect, we have now specified our generically structured interfaces so far that we can say we can cover all possible product categories and material types as delivery notes and invoices. In the usual quality as we also have with concrete, gravel, and crushed stone and asphalt. We will now focus on covering formwork suppliers with delivery notes and invoices. We will map reinforcement suppliers, mobile cranes, and construction machinery and then connect various C-item suppliers.

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