We listened
and developed SEQUELLO

We listened to the operational units and realized that standard activities in the procurement process usually cannot be handled in a timely manner. Out of an acute need, the idea for SEQUELLO was born. With the commitment to create a platform for all market participants, PORR, Umdasch Group Ventures and Wacker Neuson Group took the first step and sent SEQUELLO on its way as a joint venture. The goal: We want to elicit the simple statement “that works” from all parties using our industry software.

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The SEQUELLO story

The vision: enough with the endless paperwork

Every construction site generates a large number of purchase orders and delivery bills. Processing paper documents involves a great deal of manual effort. To minimize this paperwork, the idea of digitizing construction logistics was born.

Concrete as the first stepping stone

When looking at the entire process from ordering to processing, it was clear that concrete is the bulk material with the highest complexity. It is needed in rough quantities on the construction sites and the time frame for processing it is limited.

Consideration of individual aspects

Our digital solution should add value to all stakeholders involved in the process. That's why we took a look from the perspective of all key players (e.g. architects, foremen, truck drivers, construction clerks, dispatchers, etc.) at which work steps occur and which of them can be digitized. From here, we move step by step from theory to practice.

Partnership approach

From sharing experiences, to defining common requirements, to collaborative development and a commitment to operate a construction logistics platform, we started conversations with the industry.

The digital delivery receipt

In many places, every delivery receipt on the construction site still has to be entered manually in the ERP system. An activity that only takes up time and offers no added value. The first step towards digitization was taken by assigning the delivery receipts to existing contracts in SAP MM. This made it easy to check the quantities and prices more quickly.

The web-app for the foreman

Foremen can use their smartphones to order concrete directly from selected suppliers. He can read the changes in the delivery status (order arrived, delivery on the way, the driver arrived at the construction site) from the web app. He now saves the call to the dispatcher, as well as the time spent on hold. The foreman simply comments on deviating deliveries via the smartphone. In this way, the site managers are also always involved.

Commercial cockpit for the backend

A platform for handling concrete, gravel, sand and crushed stone is being developed with the aim for it to be used by the entire construction industry. How sensitive the processed data is was clear from the start. It was therefore a necessary step to have the transactions processed by an independent, external service provider. This is how the collaboration with SAP came about.

A company is born

PORR and Umdasch Group Ventures have decided on joint ventures and are sending SEQUELLO on its way.

More goods and services

Our portfolio is continuously developing. In the future, further materials, processes and applications will be able to be handled digitally via SEQUELLO.